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Billing Policy

All charges are shown in US Dollars. Payments are to be made in US dollars and must be drawn from a US bank. Infomatika accepts checks or money orders and most major credit cards.

It is the customers responsibility to be aware of the services provided and when bills are due.

All past due balances (over 30 days), will be subject to a 1.5% Interest charge per month (reflected on your next invoice). Note: A credit card will be required to process any future services provided by Infomatika.

Account Suspensions
Infomatika reserves the right to suspend accounts based on the following reasons. Attempts will made to contact you via email. We DO NOT make calls.
  • Unpaid bill - Failure to pay for your services can lead to a suspension. There are various reasons for a failed payment, for example, a lack of funds in your account or expired card details. If you have instigated a Banking charge back or Paypal Dispute for one of the services on your account, this can also lead to a suspension of your services.
  • Abuse - Abuse can cover a wide range of issues. Some of the most common include spam emailing (repeatedly sending the same message to one or more people or mailboxes), phishing (The activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company) and hacking attempts. As well as this, customers may not use our services to engage in activities, or store, transfer or receive material of an indecent, offensive or otherwise illegal nature.
If you account has been suspended you can either email us at, or call us at 713-518-1408.

Hosting plans will automatically renew until a plan is cancelled. In order to cancel service, you must call us at: 713-518-1408 and speak to a billing representative. Please be aware that there are no pro-rated refunds after the first 30 days of service.

Cancellation requests must be received by Infomatika a minimum of three (3) days prior to the end of your Billing Cycle. Cancellations submitted later than this time may result in automatic renewal of your hosting plan. Cancellations become effective on the day processed by Infomatika. Infomatika is unable to cancel your account effective for a future date. Infomatika will confirm the cancellation request when it is processed. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Infomatika as soon as possible.

Infomatika does not monitor, and will not automatically cancel, plans for problems related to domain name transfers, non-usage, Internic, your ISP, or any other secondary issues not directly related to Infomatika services. Cancellation of services does not relieve the customer from paying any outstanding balance owed on the account. Infomatika reserves the right to cancel any account, at any time, without notice, for any reason Infomatika considers appropriate.

Invoices / Statements
Infomatika does not mail paper invoices or statements. Invoices and statements are sent via email to the registerd address on file. It is the customers responsibility to keep the correct email address on file with us.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Each of Infomatika hosting plans carries a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services or support within the first 30 days, you will be given a full refund. The following services do not qualify for the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: account renewals, additional items and services and domain name registration. Please click here for our domain refund policy.

Refund Policy
Refunds are only available in accordance with the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Refunds will be provided in the same payment method of the original payment. There are no refunds offered or promised after 30 days.

Credit Card Disputes/Chargebacks
Infomatika has a zero tolerance policy for chargebacks. Any customer who disputes a credit card payment is subject to a fine, suspension and account termination at Infomatika's discretion. A charge of $25.00 per chargeback will be assessed to all accounts that receive a chargeback.

Billing/Price Changes
Infomatika's policies and prices are subject to change without notice. Any price changes become effective in the next billing cycle.

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