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Configure POP / IMAP for Android

The Android phone supports both POP and IMAP. IMAP will allow you to retrieve emails and folders from SmarterMail and leave the emails on the server. 

Follow these steps to create a SmarterMail POP or IMAP Account on your Android Phone

  1. On your Android device, navigate to the settings menu
  2. Click Accounts & Sync
  3. Click Add Account.
  4. Select Email as the account type
  5. Select the Protocol you want to use. Generally most people use POP.
  6. Complete the Email Address, Username (also email address) and Password fields.
  7. In the POP Server field type in
  8. Ensure Security type is None.
  9. Ensure Server port is 110.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Enter your Outgoing Server Settings :
  12. For the Username field type in your full email address.
  13. Type in your password
  14. In the SMTP Server field type in
  15. Leave Security as None
  16. Change the Server port to 25000
  17. Click next and then save your details.
  18. Your mail account is now ready for use.

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