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E-Mail Password Policy

The Infomatika email user password policy is in place to prevent user email accounts from being compromised from a weak password. When an account is compromised it will be used to send spam from our email server. The policy is listed below.
  • Minimum Password Length must be 8 characters
  • Require a number in the password
  • Require a capital letter in the password
  • Require a lower case letter in the password
  • Require password does not match username
If you are trying to setup or modify your email user and have problems doing it please check that your password is in compliance with our policy.

We have a zero tolerance spam policy, it is your responsiblity as a client to safeguard your email account and password. If your computer ever gets a virus, worm, spyware or malware please clean your computer and reset your email passwords as a precaution.

Infomatika reserves the right, without warning, to disable any accounts or domains that violates this policy.

If any account is found violating this policy, a $395 administrative fee will be charged to the customer before the domain is activated.

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