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WebCentric Dedicated Hosting Solutions
Speed, reliability and increased control are the three main reasons that businesses choose to put their web sites on dedicated servers. Many who started with "virtual machines" quickly realize the limitations involved within the virtual environment.

Increased Control
Clients have the ability to tweak the system to their specifications when on their own box. For example, on a dedicated server, a client can cache his most popular pages in memory instead of on the drive. If a client wants to run a script which is processor intensive - no problem, its their show and all of the system resources are at their disposal. There are no restrictions. If a client wants to add a software package or install a script, then he or she can simply add or install it. Clients are not limited by the approximately 250 other clients that they would share a virtual server with.

Increased Performance
There is no doubt that being on your own server is quicker when compared to a virtual hosting situation. On a virtual machine, clients share system resources (ram, processor time, etc.) with 250 other domains. When on their own server, clients have all the system resources dedicated to their customers. Clients don't have to worry about someone else's site causing problems. On a virtual server, if another client writes a script that taxes the system resources it affects other clients' sites. On a dedicated server, this situation never arises.

Increased Security
A third advantage to a dedicated server is an increased level of security. Because there is no root access to the server, clients will be able to restrict others from accessing the server. This will provide our clients and theirs with an increased level of security and peace of mind.WebCentric takes a proactive approach in monitoring clients' servers. Each server is equipped with a security monitoring system that sweeps the server's resources every five minutes to check for unauthorized activity. Our scripts will actively defend your server and notify us of any unauthorized activity. We also pro-actively monitor clients' servers with our System Resource Monitoring tools to help ensure our guaranteed up time of 99.5%.

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