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Internet Marketing

Infomatika's Internet Marketing Division is a full-service interactive marketing and ROI Analysis consulting firm. We offer customized services that deliver on the objectives of our client's campaign goals. Infomatika has the tools to make a campaign successful and manage its on-going performance. Our client-focused approach helps us to determine how to implement these tools to achieve the goals of the campaign.

Campaign Creation and Management

Infomatika assigns each client a highly skilled team of strategists, media buyers

and project managers. Infomatika's forward-looking approach allows us to leverage our knowledge, ongoing research, experience, and key strategic relationships to deliver measurable results throughout your campaign. Through a detailed client evaluation and market research, the team designs a media strategy that is cost-effective and consistent with the client's goals. Once a campaign is launched, the team manages its success through ongoing ROI analysis and strategic recommendations.

Media Planning

Through asking the right questions in the client evaluation, Infomatika identifies the parameters of each client's campaign goals, budget, timeframe, previous results, target markets, assumed searching patterns, and desired acquisition statistics. Our in-depth evaluation sets us apart from our competitors and provides the framework for our media strategists to design a customized campaign.

Infomatika's strategists first analyze assumed searching patterns for the client's target markets, previous results, and desired acquisition statistics. The team then outlines a preliminary strategy for the client and provides an explanation of the suggested advertising vehicles. Upon client approval of the initial strategy, Infomatika conducts in-depth market research through @plan and proprietary databases; simultaneously media buyers negotiate competitive pricing with advertising vendors. Media strategists use the results to formulate budget allocations, design the most effective strategy, and compile the final media plan. The media plan is presented to the client for approval before implementation.

Banner Ads currently account for more than 50 percent of online advertising. Infomatika often recommends clients run multiple banner ads on numerous web sites. Each advertising vendor must carry out the administration and performance reporting of banners manually. As a way to compile reporting from those various web sites, Infomatika uses Centralized Banner Serving. This provides a daily report of all the results, rather than individual reports from each web site. Through this centralized mechanism, Infomatika makes more timely decisions regarding rotating banners or reallocating impressions. This service allows Infomatika to focus more effectively on our clients' campaign goals.

ROI Analysis

Infomatika measures the results of an interactive marketing campaign through ROI analysis. This accountability sets Internet marketing apart from other mediums and ensures that Infomatika's clients achieve their campaign goals. The use of ROI technology allows Infomatika to analyze all the statistics in our client's interactive marketing campaign and make strategic recommendations to improve its performance. Our ability to analyze these results positions Infomatika as a leader in interactive marketing. We can do more than promise our strategy is superior. We can prove it through return on investment for our clients.

This system allows us to analyze a vast array of statistics on a real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, including:

  • Number of Unique Visitors
  • Referring URLs
  • Keyword searched to find site in Major Search Engines
  • Conversion Rate from Visitor to Sale, Lead, and Action
  • Visitor path within the Web Site
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Cost Per Visitor (CPV)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS)
  • Cost Per other Action (CPA)
Web Site Analysis

Infomatika has a proven record for driving qualified traffic to a client's web site. However, a client's campaign goals are in jeopardy if its web site is not desirable to its target markets. The Infomatika team places itself in the mindset of a client's target markets and then finds ways to enhance the site. Infomatika assesses the following criteria for each web site under review:

Ease of Use: Design/Layout, Navigation

Effectiveness: Visitor Path, Content, Data Capture and Utilization

Site Management: Vision, Process

Advertising Vehicles

The Internet is constantly evolving, and from a marketing perspective this means new advertising vehicles are certain to emerge. Net Traffic monitors the industry and develops its knowledge of the Internet to provide its clients with superior customized strategies. Below is a list of some online advertising vehicles Net Traffic offers.

Affiliate Programs

Direct E-mail: Opt-In, Opt-Out, Internal / External

Graphic Advertising: Banners, Buttons, Keyword Buys, Sponsorships, Pop-Ups, Screen Savers, Interstitial Pages

Online PR: Press Releases, Newsletters, Awards & Nominations, Incentive Programs, Events, Coupons & Discount Programs

Search Engine/Directory Placement: Optimization for major search engines Auctions, Internet Real Names, Directory Advertising/Yellow Page Services, Industry Specific search engines

Text Advertising: Classified Ads, Spotlights, Text Links

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