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Vulnerability Scan

Know Your Network

Have you made recent system changes that may have left your network vulnerable? V.Scan service allows you to perform an analysis of your current network security and locate these vulnerabilities before a hacker can.

V.Scan is a subscription-based, vulnerability assessment service designed to allow you to initiate attacks on network perimeter, firewall, Web and other application servers to identify possible configuration weaknesses. This service is ideal if you want to evaluate your security perimeters or verify service levels provided by managed security service providers.

V.Scan service features include:

  • Subscription service for 12 scans annually
  • Attack sequence updated by vendor
  • Access- and product-independent service
  • SSL Web site with individual user accounts for initiating scans and viewing reports
  • Vulnerability assessments for a maximum of five Internet accessible IP addresses
  • Proven Technology and Partners
Infomatika is delivering V.Scan service in alliance with industry-leading security provider Veritect TM, who has compiled a comprehensive suite of attack packages including Nessus.

Comprehensive Service

By subscribing to V.Scan service, you will receive 12 scans of up to five IP addresses. You can schedule the scans via a password-controlled Web site and submit IP addresses for approval. No attacks will be initiated until you verify the IP addresses. Once the scan is completed, you receive an email directing you to the Web site to view the results of the scan, along with any recommendations.

It is important to scan your network systems periodically for several reasons:

  • Whenever you add new applications, you may add new risks.
  • Hackers can find new ways to compromise systems.
  • Altering security architecture can create new vulnerabilities.
All Your Security Needs

Infomatika offers a broad array of managed security services. These services include subscription-based vulnerability assessments, managed Internet services, managed virtual private network solutions, managed firewalls, denial of service protection and managed intrusion detection services. Qwest has one of the industrys most scalable support infrastructures with a dedicated world-class team of security engineers. Combined with aggressive service level agreements and highly competitive pricing, these features make Qwest the clear choice in managed security services for companies of all sizes.

V.Scan service is available nationwide. Minimum one-year commitment required. An Internet connection through an Internet Service Provider is required and may be acquired from Qwest or another provider of your choice.

Veritect is a pending trademark of Veritect, a Veridian Company.

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